Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winner of Assignment 10 Annoucement!

And the winner of Assignment 10- Feeling Emotions is Beth8301!
 Her required emotion was embarrassment. 

Description: Despite the fact that her ex boyfriend crashed her wedding, Cashmere still went ahead and married Acer - the man she claims is the love of her life. Her ex boyfriend was not very pleased with this and as Cashmere's fame steadily rises daily, he decided to use that to his advantage. Out of spite, her ex posted pictures on the internet that was meant for his eyes only. She had taken some sexy pictures of herself years ago when they dated for his birthday and he kept them all this time. Within minutes, the pictures went viral and Cashmere couldn't go anywhere without people pointing and staring and men drooling over her. It was so embarrassing!

Congratulations!! Your entry was amazing!! :)


  1. Congrats, Beth!! Your entry was one of my favorites this round!

  2. whoever keeps on hating your stuff is an ass. :(

    Congrats beth on winning this assignment!

  3. ^ Yeah I know.. :(
    But Beth really deserved this win- her picture is EPIC! XD