Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poor Gemma :(

I'm not creating a public legacy- but when cute things happen - I plan on updating my blog with it :) I haven't even been playing Gemma long- but I'm really in love with her :) She's just so weird!

On one of her days off from the ghostbusting career- I had her go to the library to get some logic books. Well once she bought them, I seen on of the sims I created- just getting out of work. So I'm like, Gemma doesn't have anything to do today really- might as well let her meet him.

I had no intentions of them getting 'friendly' - in a non-friendly way :P Get my meaning? No mean to be rude, but this guy is one that I created to help fill out my town and he isn't the prettiest. (He's a heavy set guy- with red hair). He's pretty cute but not in the same way :)

instantly- he started flirting with her and giving her countless compliments. She even gave some in return! So I'm thinking - well, it's not what I planned but if she really likes him- I'll let her :D
So for the next 2 days she calls him after work- and he keeps blowing her off! Then I get a message from Story Progression that he has finally started dating someone else!! What a player!

Gemma's upset when she goes to work the next day, and turns out she had to ghost bust some actual ghosts. She ended up re-bounding with one!

And she's even still on the clock! That's not even the worst part... she even woohoo'd him at the client's house...

I feel bad for her, about the one she wanted throwing her overboard. But I don't know if I would go as far as sleeping with a ghost. Here is her stride of pride lol:

Sorry Gemma, but your actions have consequences....

I'm really hoping at least I get a ghost baby- I haven't ever had one! :) If not, I might let social services take it away... lmao!

On a side note, Gemma was working at another house and it turned out to be at my simself's house. (I put her on town so I can see what she does with Twallan's Story Progression). Turns out she's preggo! Here's a random shot of her when Gemma was working:

Would you guys mind to keep getting random updates from Gemma's life? Don't worry- I don't want to make it a actual legacy


  1. This was funny! :P
    It'd be awesome if you get a ghost baby!

    I'd love to see a couple more bits from Gemma's life :D

  2. hahahaha, I'm really enjoying this. ^-^ I'd love to hear more about Gemma! (Which is one of my favorite names btw. ;D)

    *crosses fingers for ghost baby*

  3. Thanks you guys!
    I'm really really hoping I get a ghost baby-- but I don't want to interfere too much to determine the gender or even to MAKE it a ghost baby.
    I really don't want a human child :( lol.

    I really love the name Gemma too! One of my friends named her child that- and I fell in love with the name .

    Hopefully I can play some tonight to see what she ends up having :P

  4. I'd love to see random updates of Gemma, she seems very interesting! I hope for you that you'll get your ghost baby lol