Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet Gemma's New baby :)

I got 3 comments on blogger and 3 comments on the TS3 site, I will now announce Gemma's new baby!

Say hello to Ellis! (She's a girl :P )

As you can tell, I got my ghost baby!!! I'm so happy :)

BTW, since I haven't ever had a ghost baby before I was wondering, is it normal that they only make that eery ghost sound? Like, she doesn't cry or anything- any type of reaction from her (like snuggling, or playing- even learning to talk!) is that creepy ghost sound.

I had Gemma have a baby with a haunted ghost I was supposed to ghost bust- could that be the reason? or is it normal with every ghost baby?


  1. Aww. I got the ghost part right.

    Grats on the ghost baby.

  2. The eerie sound is normal, I had a dead kid once, and all through her life she only wailed like a banshee. She spoke normally after I gave her ambrosia.

  3. WOO! I rock! LOL I said a ghost girl! What did you name her??

  4. Ah, I'm stupid! I see you named her Ellis :D Congrats!

  5. Congrats on the ghost baby! :D

    I've never played a ghost baby either, so I wouldn't know. Hope you find out though :)

  6. Thanks everyone!
    I was fighting really hard to not use MC to make sure it was a ghost baby, and I'm glad that I stuck it out and got what I wanted :)

    I was a little put off with the sound she was making, but now it's a little easier to understand. I really wish she could talk back to other sims in a similish language. Those ghost cries are a little creepy! lol

  7. Aw! Cute! I've never had a ghost baby before.

  8. The ghost sounds got annoying to me after while. :( I could never tell if it was someone visiting or my child. lol