Monday, April 18, 2011

Rollback to this week's elimination, simsgal2227

It's sad when it comes to elimination- and it's even harder when we've all been in this competition for so long. Today, we say goodbye to  simsgal2227.

She's been a great competitor- and she will not be forgotten. Here is all her assignments she has entered into 'She's Got the Look!':

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Assignment 5
Assignment 6
Assignment 7
Assignment 8
Assignment 9
Assignment 10
You have greatly improved during this competition, and I wish you all the luck in any future competitions! We hope to see you lurk!


  1. This was a really sweet idea, Andie. Real sad to see her go!

  2. Thank you Crazy, it is sad to see her go :(