Sunday, April 17, 2011

Devin's a backstabbing B****!!!

 ARG!! I'm so frustrated right now!!

After playing Gemma and Ellis for awhile- getting her talking, walking, and potty trained. It was almost time for Gemma to start seeing Devin. Well just as I was finishing off, I got 3 messages from story progression. Guess what it was?!!

1. Devin just got some girl pregnant- saying that he should have been more careful.

2. Because of this unexpected pregnancy- they had a shotgun wedding.

3. They have now moved in together.

I've never had a guy be like this- it's crazy! Poor Gemma!! She really had her sights set on Devin and he just keeps blowing her off!! I think Gemma has finally reached her breaking point- her love of her life has once again threw her away. I think it's about time that Gemma and Ellis move somewhere else- where Devin won't hurt her anymore :(


  1. Bad, Bad Devin thats awful! I say Gemma needs a new start too

  2. 1.) I was drinking some soda when I read your title, and it has since ended up in my lap.

    2.) What a bitch! At least Gemma got a ghost baby out of the deal. Sounds like it's time for a new (and hunky) man for her!

  3. lol!
    He's is a bitch! I'm starting to think that's what she needs- a new place- a new man :)
    Yes, at least little Ellis is here XD She's so cute! :P