Friday, April 8, 2011

The arrival of Gemma's baby :)

So, Gemma's baby has just arrived! (Literally, it just arrived and I had to minimize the game so I could type this up) :P But here is a bit of her pregnancy :)

Gemma ran into Devin Harlow (the man that threw her overboard) Below is his picture:

I finally got around to taking his picture :P
And he again starts up with the compliments! Gemma of course falls for them :)

She announced her pregnancy to him, and turns out he's a family-oriented guy. All he wants to do is talk/feel the baby :)

Gemma is such a sucker for him, it's unbelievable! Not once did she turn down his advances! The next night they ended up getting together - and even Gemma was throwing out the romantic actions!

Here's another shot of him - of course he's listening to the belly :P

To speed up the time for the  baby to arrive, I had Gemma do some dancing at the house. It didn't make the baby come- but she sure did look cute!

The next morning though, the baby did arrive! Here are some labor pics :)

Funny Gemma... just funny!

(I'm getting really pissed at blogger right now! My pictures are acutally perfectely clear- and it's making them really blurry!!!)

Incoming baby!

I'm going to be evil- and NOT announce whether the baby was a ghost or human... and I'm NOT going to announce if it was a boy or girl. I will need 5 comments (from 5 different people) saying what they think it is (ghost/human and boy/girl) and if you want you can say whether Gemma should follow her heart and be with Devin or if she should say a screw you and find someone else better. :)


  1. It's not a ghost. :( It's a girl... and she should stick with Devin.

  2. Ghost and boy. Gemma should follow her heart. Gemma is very beautiful by the way.

  3. I think it's a ghosty girl :P lol And I think she should do what she wants whether that means stickin with Devin or hookin up with all the hot ghosts in town! haha