Wednesday, April 13, 2011

General Shiz..

I'm starting to think I should take off the whole 'love it, hate it, wtf?' check boxes at the bottom of my posts. Not that i don't mind people marking negative choices on my posts- but I don't think its fair to the  winner of the week (for my competition). I know it probably is someone in my comp. - who's jealous. Or maybe even a someone who just doesn't like them- either way, it's childish.

This is something special I wanted to do for my blog- it gets more people to see the winning pictures- and it doesn't look good to see people rude about the winner. What is everyone's thoughts??

On other news- We just had 2 people eliminated from 'She's Got the Look!'. We are currently down to 9 models!! Were finally getting close to the end :) Remember, we started from 30! It's going to be such a sad/happy time when the winner actually gets announced :)

I do plan on having a Cycle 2- but I don't think it will be RIGHT after Cycle 1. I think this will give a little anticipation- plus give me a little break, lol. But I believe I will make only a limited amount of spots- 30 models makes it hard to judge! lol.

My work has been scheduling me around 32-35 hours a week- which is really cutting into my simming time :( Poor Gemma hasn't had any time spent with her- let alone little Ellis... Maybe I'll go play with her now... yes, I think I might :) Have a good night!!


  1. Meh I say ignore the fuckers who click the ''Hate it'' button. Or remove it, be a but silly to have a button you don't want people to click lol

    I'm sure Crazy doesn't care what some gutless anon thinks abut her WINNING entry anyways

  2. Oh, I know Crazy didn't really take it to heart- I just didn't want this to be a regular routine. Meh- It's a thought lol.

  3. Meh, that would just be letting whoever it is get to you.

    On another note--I'm really happy you're going to be doing a second cycle. Count. Me. In! XD

  4. Ehhhh, I wouldn't.
    It's rude, but I mean at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. It was a winning entry, which means it was awesome, and beautiful, and it doesn't matter what a few childish anons think.