Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rollback to this week's elimination (assign. 11), NinjaKay

For assignment 11 of 'She's Got the Look!', we say goodbye to one of our contestants :( NinjaKay. She has been a strong competitor- and she will be strongly missed.

Assignment 1
Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6
Assignment 7

Assignment 8

Assignment 9

Assignment 10
Assignment 11

Monday, April 25, 2011

Winner of Assignment 11 Annoucement!

So the winner for Assignment 11- Commercial vs. Dramatic  of  'She's Got the Look!' is:



Wow! This photo is just Beautiful! Great job :)
2nd round in a row, you are really bringing your 'A' game!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rollback to this week's elimination, simsgal2227

It's sad when it comes to elimination- and it's even harder when we've all been in this competition for so long. Today, we say goodbye to  simsgal2227.

She's been a great competitor- and she will not be forgotten. Here is all her assignments she has entered into 'She's Got the Look!':

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Assignment 5
Assignment 6
Assignment 7
Assignment 8
Assignment 9
Assignment 10
You have greatly improved during this competition, and I wish you all the luck in any future competitions! We hope to see you lurk!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winner of Assignment 10 Annoucement!

And the winner of Assignment 10- Feeling Emotions is Beth8301!
 Her required emotion was embarrassment. 

Description: Despite the fact that her ex boyfriend crashed her wedding, Cashmere still went ahead and married Acer - the man she claims is the love of her life. Her ex boyfriend was not very pleased with this and as Cashmere's fame steadily rises daily, he decided to use that to his advantage. Out of spite, her ex posted pictures on the internet that was meant for his eyes only. She had taken some sexy pictures of herself years ago when they dated for his birthday and he kept them all this time. Within minutes, the pictures went viral and Cashmere couldn't go anywhere without people pointing and staring and men drooling over her. It was so embarrassing!

Congratulations!! Your entry was amazing!! :)

Devin's a backstabbing B****!!!

 ARG!! I'm so frustrated right now!!

After playing Gemma and Ellis for awhile- getting her talking, walking, and potty trained. It was almost time for Gemma to start seeing Devin. Well just as I was finishing off, I got 3 messages from story progression. Guess what it was?!!

1. Devin just got some girl pregnant- saying that he should have been more careful.

2. Because of this unexpected pregnancy- they had a shotgun wedding.

3. They have now moved in together.

I've never had a guy be like this- it's crazy! Poor Gemma!! She really had her sights set on Devin and he just keeps blowing her off!! I think Gemma has finally reached her breaking point- her love of her life has once again threw her away. I think it's about time that Gemma and Ellis move somewhere else- where Devin won't hurt her anymore :(

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ellis Potts < 3

I finally got to play with Gemma and Ellis today!! It's so nice to be able to get back to them :D Here is a picture of little Ellis grown into a toddler:

I'm being busy today teaching her to talk and walk + pottytraining. It's exhausting! lol. Here are some random screenshots from today's game:

Gemma and Ellis are so alike XD

And last but not least, and closing picture:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Itching.. to play the game of course :)

I miss simming- I hate that work interferes with it!! lol jk :)

When I start missing it- I spend what time I have over in GD. After seeing pictures of other sims and their funny antics, it always seems to brighten my day. I used to be in GD everyday- once I entered Sims and Model, I never really returned lol.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

General Shiz..

I'm starting to think I should take off the whole 'love it, hate it, wtf?' check boxes at the bottom of my posts. Not that i don't mind people marking negative choices on my posts- but I don't think its fair to the  winner of the week (for my competition). I know it probably is someone in my comp. - who's jealous. Or maybe even a someone who just doesn't like them- either way, it's childish.

This is something special I wanted to do for my blog- it gets more people to see the winning pictures- and it doesn't look good to see people rude about the winner. What is everyone's thoughts??

On other news- We just had 2 people eliminated from 'She's Got the Look!'. We are currently down to 9 models!! Were finally getting close to the end :) Remember, we started from 30! It's going to be such a sad/happy time when the winner actually gets announced :)

I do plan on having a Cycle 2- but I don't think it will be RIGHT after Cycle 1. I think this will give a little anticipation- plus give me a little break, lol. But I believe I will make only a limited amount of spots- 30 models makes it hard to judge! lol.

My work has been scheduling me around 32-35 hours a week- which is really cutting into my simming time :( Poor Gemma hasn't had any time spent with her- let alone little Ellis... Maybe I'll go play with her now... yes, I think I might :) Have a good night!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Assignment 9 Winner for 'She's Got the Look' is ...


Congrats!! Your photo is just plain amazing-- it's soo creative!! You totally deserve it XD

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet Gemma's New baby :)

I got 3 comments on blogger and 3 comments on the TS3 site, I will now announce Gemma's new baby!

Say hello to Ellis! (She's a girl :P )

As you can tell, I got my ghost baby!!! I'm so happy :)

BTW, since I haven't ever had a ghost baby before I was wondering, is it normal that they only make that eery ghost sound? Like, she doesn't cry or anything- any type of reaction from her (like snuggling, or playing- even learning to talk!) is that creepy ghost sound.

I had Gemma have a baby with a haunted ghost I was supposed to ghost bust- could that be the reason? or is it normal with every ghost baby?

Friday, April 8, 2011

The arrival of Gemma's baby :)

So, Gemma's baby has just arrived! (Literally, it just arrived and I had to minimize the game so I could type this up) :P But here is a bit of her pregnancy :)

Gemma ran into Devin Harlow (the man that threw her overboard) Below is his picture:

I finally got around to taking his picture :P
And he again starts up with the compliments! Gemma of course falls for them :)

She announced her pregnancy to him, and turns out he's a family-oriented guy. All he wants to do is talk/feel the baby :)

Gemma is such a sucker for him, it's unbelievable! Not once did she turn down his advances! The next night they ended up getting together - and even Gemma was throwing out the romantic actions!

Here's another shot of him - of course he's listening to the belly :P

To speed up the time for the  baby to arrive, I had Gemma do some dancing at the house. It didn't make the baby come- but she sure did look cute!

The next morning though, the baby did arrive! Here are some labor pics :)

Funny Gemma... just funny!

(I'm getting really pissed at blogger right now! My pictures are acutally perfectely clear- and it's making them really blurry!!!)

Incoming baby!

I'm going to be evil- and NOT announce whether the baby was a ghost or human... and I'm NOT going to announce if it was a boy or girl. I will need 5 comments (from 5 different people) saying what they think it is (ghost/human and boy/girl) and if you want you can say whether Gemma should follow her heart and be with Devin or if she should say a screw you and find someone else better. :)

Trolls, Trolls, and More Trolls

It seems like every time I step into GD, a troll is ALWAYS there. Today's attacker is go_to_hell_mars. Here are a couple of their posts:

He has another post going around... but it's way to long and stupid to get a screenshot. It's full of stupid jokes that he keeps posting OVER and OVER. What makes trolls think it's 'cool' to post the same damn thing over and over?


Maybe even a nude photo once in awhile? :P Liven it up! Make it worth it! (I DO NOT condone pornography on the sims 3 site, it's only a joke!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poor Gemma :(

I'm not creating a public legacy- but when cute things happen - I plan on updating my blog with it :) I haven't even been playing Gemma long- but I'm really in love with her :) She's just so weird!

On one of her days off from the ghostbusting career- I had her go to the library to get some logic books. Well once she bought them, I seen on of the sims I created- just getting out of work. So I'm like, Gemma doesn't have anything to do today really- might as well let her meet him.

I had no intentions of them getting 'friendly' - in a non-friendly way :P Get my meaning? No mean to be rude, but this guy is one that I created to help fill out my town and he isn't the prettiest. (He's a heavy set guy- with red hair). He's pretty cute but not in the same way :)

instantly- he started flirting with her and giving her countless compliments. She even gave some in return! So I'm thinking - well, it's not what I planned but if she really likes him- I'll let her :D
So for the next 2 days she calls him after work- and he keeps blowing her off! Then I get a message from Story Progression that he has finally started dating someone else!! What a player!

Gemma's upset when she goes to work the next day, and turns out she had to ghost bust some actual ghosts. She ended up re-bounding with one!

And she's even still on the clock! That's not even the worst part... she even woohoo'd him at the client's house...

I feel bad for her, about the one she wanted throwing her overboard. But I don't know if I would go as far as sleeping with a ghost. Here is her stride of pride lol:

Sorry Gemma, but your actions have consequences....

I'm really hoping at least I get a ghost baby- I haven't ever had one! :) If not, I might let social services take it away... lmao!

On a side note, Gemma was working at another house and it turned out to be at my simself's house. (I put her on town so I can see what she does with Twallan's Story Progression). Turns out she's preggo! Here's a random shot of her when Gemma was working:

Would you guys mind to keep getting random updates from Gemma's life? Don't worry- I don't want to make it a actual legacy