Saturday, March 26, 2011

I got my scores on Fashion Fever today :( Scored 7th. Here is the picture:

I guess it really wasn't 'pretty' but hey- I wasn't going for pretty! lol . I was trying to go a different route then the other contestants.  I'm thinking up some ideas for the next assignment-- but throwing a lot of them out the window :P

Assignment 7 for 'She's Got the Look!' is due tomorrow- and the winner will now get their picture showcased in VSims April issue- the winner will also submit a step-by-step on how they edited their picture with I ended up scrapping the idea that I had for assignment 8. Maybe I'll use it for another assignment- I just felt that it might be another hard assignment- and I don't want to make this competition become work.

On other news- I went to Crazy's blog and watch my first video of Shane Dawson -- then continued to watch 25 other videos of him! Only one word can describe it ..... AMAZING :D Now I totally understand being 'obsessed' with him!

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