Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got a job and all that jazz

Got a call yesterday, I finally got hired in!
It's been a couple years since I worked -- busy getting married and getting our place. But I'm excited! It's only about 2 minutes away from my house, which means I can come home on lunch breaks to play with Bailey :)

It's perfect that I moved the time between assignments from 5 days to 7 days for 'She's Got the Look!'.  This way I'm not rushed for time. I won't probably be on the forums as much - but I'll still make time to blog :P 

But on other news, VSims has agreed to showcase the winning picture of Assignment 7 in their 2nd issue! The winning contestant will have to submit a summary on what all editing they chose for their picture (this assignment they could only edit with picnik), why they chose their entry picture, and their models name- age- and a bio. So, be on the lookout for our winning contestant in VSims April issue!


  1. Wahey for a job and VSims! i'm still looking for work, you got any tips? Its hard when your only 18 and have no experience at all :(

    What will you be working as?

  2. The job is nothing special- just working in the garden area of Walmart- but it will help since I plan on starting college in June and I'm going for a degree in Horticulture, so at least it's some experience. I don't really have any tips- it took me over 2 years to really get a job :( It's hard out there!

  3. Congrats on the new job! The job market is tough right now due to the economy. My company outsourced two years ago.

  4. Thanks! I hear ya on the job market- it took me forever to find one! That sucks about your job :( Were you able to find another place or still looking?