Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First day at the new job! :)

 Today was my first day on the job- I had orientation :)

 I finally got hired over at the local Walmart - I've been trying for awhile to get a job- and I'm just soo glad that it's not in fast food, since that's the mostly likely place kids around my age (20 yrs old) tend to get jobs.

I needed to be there at 9 a.m. and I even specifically set my alarm for 7:20 a.m. so I could get around and all that jazz, lol. I must have fallen back asleep after I turned off the alarm clock- and I just HAPPENED to wake up at 9:10!!! I'm so freaking lucky I just randomly woke up then! I rushed and threw my clothes on- and it only took me 5 minutes to get dressed, throw my hair up, and drive to work! (thank god I live so close!) hehe I just ended up telling them I got a flat tire- I lied okay! lol I didn't want to lose my job that quick!

The day went by fast- we mostly just talked, watched videos, and even went on a 'safety tour' to learn where the clean up stations were, were the eye washing stations are, and were all the fire exits are placed. I got hired in on a 'part-time' position -- so I was surprised when I received my schedule and seen that I was scheduled to work for 6 days straight (including today) all being 8-9 hour shifts.

I will still continue to visit the forums- and I  will still continue with my competition- I just might not be on 'as much'. Scores for assignment 8 will be posted sometime on Monday instead of Sunday at midnight. Monday will be my first day off- so bear with me, lol.


  1. I actually want a job at Walmart too hehe, I've always had a thing about working as a human resource manager there. Can't wait till I'm allowed to start looking for work :D

  2. :D That would be a really cool position! Why aren't you allowed to work? lol. I got a job for the Lawn and Garden dept.- I'm pretty excited for it. I love to garden and mess with flowers- and I will be in charge of the care of the flowers there :)

  3. I'm not legal in Canada atm, have to wait for my immigration papers to be accepted.....so for now I'm a bum hehe